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The site is at the top of the search this morning ( I'm not sure why it come up with this location, I'm just looking for event sites right now to do some research on what I can do with my events site.

When I put in my location I come up with some results... ( It may be a different time zone for a few of the event were yesterday. It seems to give about a hundred mile radius, a few of the events give the place... but not the city location.

When I clicked on an event, it took me to a pop up squeeze page, to sign up for Eventful today... and get email, before it takes me to eventbright. Or I can go straight to eventbright, which is what I'll do for now.

The event I clicked on is for women and girls from 13 and up. But, eventbrite allows you to post your event, and that's worth noting ( There's one from "The Clay Spot" that seems a lot like a sells ad from $10 and up.

Back on the Eventful site, the arrow on the paging didn't work under the more.

Some of the events are from Reverbnation. I also came across it said something about a triathlon. It says $10 off $70 registration fee.

It seems to just go on and on, I made it up to about page eight, and had enough for now.


After the title it has a double search box, one for location the other for event or keyword. It has a sign up, sign in and Facebook login, so an account can be created.

The navigation has 4 main topics and a sub-row of topic under the main row.


The more has 20 or so items under it, including a by date section.


I get another pop up squeeze page when I click on the movie link. With a close that don't give no response till you click it.

There's three sub-heading under this: Showtimes, Browse Movies, and Movie Trailers.

Demand it!

This has three categories and the default page has the top fourty demands. It also has a form to demand your favorite performer.

My Eventful

This is the create account page.


The footer has four list of links: Top Categories, Features, Movies, and Add Stuff (Event, Venue, Performer Profile) followed by a few social links. Then a row of stuff about the site: About, Blog, FAQ, Advertise, Data Licensing, Jobs, Developer API, Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights, Terms of Service, and Contact Us. The copyright says they are 11 years old.


Party, a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, or recreation

Types of parties

Miscellaneous parties

Game party

A social gathering during which the guests play party games or board games.

LAN party

A party that involves multi-player computer games and uses a Local Area Network.

Party plan

A form of direct selling, in which a party is used to sell products (for example, a Tupperware party).

Political houseparty

A party that is hosted in a private home for the purpose of supporting a particular candidate, political party, or ballot measure, or to share information and opinions about an upcoming election.

Sleepover party, also called a pajama party or slumber party

A party for which the guests are invited to stay overnight at the home of the host. These parties are usually for teenagers or young children.

Toga party

A party in which the guests wear togas.

See also

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The first site is a link on the second site. It's like no one is maintaining the second site. A couple of broken links, Keep Albany Beautiful calendar is two years old. The site is really in need of some updating. The admin number is 229.438.3988 or by email at


The site seems to be about planning events.Create a free account and free events are always free. You have to have an account to create a event.

The only has links to major cities.